Fifth position

Fifth position (feet) – This is a very tightly squeezed position, where the feet are crossed with one directly in front of the other, and toes turned out to the sides, but hips must be kept squared to the front. The dancer is attempting to make a flat line from the turned out front foot, and match it up with the back foot turned out in the opposite direction. The toe of the back foot should be hiding directly behind the heel of the front foot, and the heel of the back foot should be hiding directly behind the toe of the front foot.

Fifth position, low (arms)- Both arms should be held in a long, oval shape, without the fingers touching to meet.  The arms are kept low, but still several inches in front of the body. The elbows should also be lifted off the body.

Fifth position, high (arms) – Both arms should be lifted high over head, keeping the curvature of a long oval from shoulder to fingertip.  However, they shouldn’t be directly over the head – they should be 6-10″ in front of top center, and in the dancer’s field of vision.

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