Arm Positions


First position – Arms should be rounded from shoulder to finger tips into a long oval, but not touching.  They should be lifted away from the body to about belly button height.

Second position – Arms should be open wide, almost to a T position, but lower, and still rounded. The elbows should be below the shoulders, and the wrists should be below the elbows, and the hands should be facing slightly downward.

Third position – The arm of the working leg, or the front leg, should be in high fifth position (see description), and the arm of the supporting leg, or back leg, should be in second position.

Fourth position – One arm is in first position, one arm is in high fifth position.

Fifth position, low – Both arms should be held in a long, oval shape, without the fingers touching to meet.  The arms are kept low, but still several inches in front of the body. The elbows should also be lifted off the body.

Fifth position, high – Both arms should be lifted high over head, keeping the curvature of a long oval from shoulder to fingertip.  However, they shouldn’t be directly over the head – they should be 6-10″ in front of top center, and in the dancer’s field of vision.